Stalls and hawkers

Street Fruit Hawker, London 2

Street hawker in Trafalgar Square (

I was tickled to see almost exactly the same warning about plant buying separated by 70 years.  Then, as now, we were warned against purchasing house plants that have been exposed to the elements.

In the 1986 version, Susan Conder says: ‘Buying plants from shop fronts or outdoor stalls is a risky business in cold weather…Remember that plants suffering from exposure to cold don’t always look ill, and it may be a while before the symptoms declare themselves.’

In 1910, TW Sanders wrote pretty much the same, but we see how plant buying habits changed over the decades: ‘In purchasing plants for the first time of any of the foregoing, never buy those that have been exposed on hawkers’ barrows.  They are bound to become unhealthy before long owing to exposure to the air.’