M&S plant pot

This might have been the easiest bit of research yet.  I found this nice little pot in an Age UK charity shop and had to buy it – for the grand price of £1.99.


I was keen to know when it dated from, I would have guessed the 1980s but thought I’d be doing quite a bit of searching in various archives and online to narrow it down.Then I turned it over and found this…


Not only a sticker, but a date on the sticker (not sure how usual that was back then), and a shop too – the familiar St Michael logo that was used by Marks and Spencers from 1928 to 2000.

Even though it’s not at all to my personal taste, and has a little chip, it definitely adds something to the collection.  Japanese-inspired design was a popular trend in the ’80s – including, it seems, on plant pots.  This one has definitely been used, the stubborn water marks give that away.

Thanks M&S, if only all antiques were this easy to nail!