Plants in films

Brooklyn (2015) film 1952 Ireland 2

There’s absolutely nothing that connects these two films except the plant-filled backdrops.

They are, however, enough to give a plant lover a complex: one is the kitchen of a bored, dowdy, old-before-her-time suburban housewife, and the other is the living room of the bitter old village gossip.

Suburban housewife first:

Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)

My favourite film of all time (almost) Desperately Seeking Susan – and the plant collection looks about right for 1985.  The set designer was George DeTitta Jr, twice nominated for an Oscar, so I’m pretty confident taking his word for it.

Then the village gossip:

Brooklyn (2015) film 1952 Ireland

This is rural Ireland in 1952 as seen in Brooklyn (2015).  It’s a pretty impressive collection, complete with Wardian case.  Given what’s happening in this scene, it might not be wrong to read the symbolic ‘greenness‘ into the storyline – youth, hope and vivacity versus jealousy and envy.  She’s even got a green sofa and cardigan!

Will keep eyes peeled for plant extras popping up in the background of other films – and for what they may or may not be saying about the characters…