Laura’s Nan

In one of the most touching things that has happened to me in recent years, I came in to work to find a colleague had left me a bag of indoor plant books.  These had belonged to Laura’s dear nan, who had died a little while before.  Although we had never met, we clearly shared at least one thing in common.

Among the books were these two impressive binders of Plant Magic, one of those magazine subscriptions that were popular in the 1990s where you built a collection up over time.  Shirley – as they are carefully labelled inside and out – had collected up to issue 38.


I don’t know how many there were in total, but this collection is an absolute treasure trove for an indoor plant lover.  Each issue covered six plants in depth, ideas for ‘room style’ and step-by-step creative arrangements, and planting ideas and know-how.

Look out for little gems of inspiration as I work my way through them.  Thanks Laura and Shirley, the collection is in safe hands. ♥♥