Plants in Paintings – The Arrangement


Jack Vettriano ´The Arrangement´

This piece was exhibited once as far as I can tell, in 1998, and also features in the collection ´Lovers and Other Strangers´by Anthony Quinn (2000).

Vettriano is famous for his atmospheric and nostalgia-filled depictions of love, lust and life, not all featuring butlers and dancing on the beach.  He evokes bygone days of the ’40s and ’50s and here the Aspidistra helps with that.  Although waning in popularity by the second world war, it was still around in the homes of our parents and grandparents, often overlooked in a mis-fitting pot like this one.

The model features prominently in Vettriano’s works from that time, Genevieve Solecki.  Her glamour was ‘consuming’ and according to Anthony Quinn she looks ‘like a woman to whom a pledge of eternal love might provoke her to stab you with a stiletto’.  An unromantic realist then.

And the retro white phone was auctioned by Vettriano with other bits and pieces from his home in 2012, with a price tag of £40-60 (BBC News, 3rd May 2012).