‘The graceful custom of growing plants in dwelling-rooms is very much more prevalent on the Continent than in England.  It is true that we often see a display of flowering-plants in rooms, though rarely subjects distinguished by beauty of form, or adapted for culture indoors.’ Robinson, 1869

‘All that is needed to make the house as varied and exciting as the garden is courage and enterprise.’ Crow, 1952

‘When treating house plants as an aspect of interior decoration, let joy be unconfined but exuberance somewhat restrained.’ Seddon, 1976

‘Only the healthy house plant is decorative and only the decorative plant is worth having.’ Jenkins & Van Pelt Wilson, 1944

‘There is something more in the sun’s rays than just the light produced.’ Shewell-Cooper, 1957

‘Just as in hot weather horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies glow, so plants transpire heavily.’ Seddon, 1976

‘The true house plant is one which can be grown permanently in a room.’ Huxley, 1959

‘For it is in their living qualities that many plants have to our minds their greatest value.’ Jones & Clark, 1952

‘To be mad about gardening is to be mad about something worthwhile.’ Shewell-Cooper, 1950

‘Up to this point we trust we have successfully concealed the fact that we are not desert cactus enthusiasts.  The fact is we like to fuss with plants and we prefer those of a less somnolent and turgid nature which enjoy our frequent ministrations.’ Jenkins & Van Pelt Wilson, 1944