Urban Jungle Bloggers: 1 plant – 3 stylings

c. The Graceful Custom, 2016 UJB June

We’re pretty excited by this month’s #urbanjunglebloggers challenge: pick your favourite plant and show three different stylings with it.  We have searched the history books for three great original styles: 1970’s bamboo, rustic terracotta and mid-century modern.

Our one plant is the persistent and fantastically easy Spider Plant.

Introduced in the mid 19th century, the spider plant is one of the oldest house plants.  It hit its peak in the 1960s and ’70s – the modern equivalent of the apsidistra according to some.  Chlorophytum means ‘green plant’ and the original species was indeed green all over.

With the revival of macrame pot hangers and all things 1970s, the spider plant should be back pride of place in our plant collections.  It is one of the best plants for cleaning the air and is incredibly versatile: hanging baskets, terrariums, troughs and, of course, standing alone.

This fantastic plant, photographed in the 1970s, shows it in all its glory.  Note the bamboo stand – another popular material of the period.

c.The Graceful Custom, 2016 (McHoy and Squire, 1978)

Bamboo-tastic: Colourful House Plants, 1978

The rustic, country cottage look is represented here in 1969, and the spider plant is there in the mix.  A menagerie of terracotta pots on the widow sill was a very common and very pleasant sight in many homes in towns and country, especially before the widespread manufacturing of plastic pots in the following decade.

c.The Graceful Custom, 2016 (Ladybird, 1969)

Terrific terracotta: The Ladybird Book of Indoor Gardening, 1969

Lastly, we have one of our most favourite stylings.  The mid-century, scandinavian influenced, table plant stand.  This is a great example of the post-war boom in creativity and design from 1952.

c.The Graceful Custom, 2016 (Jones and Clark, 1952)4

Mid century modern: Indoor Plants and Gardens, 1952

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